Engineering Dept FAQ

Developer FAQ's

Do you have GIS available?

No.  The Village's GIS project is underway, but in it's infancy.

Do you have as-builts or record drawings available?

Possibly.  Depending on the age of the system you are interested in, information may be on record.  Inquire for further details.

Resident FAQ's

What's with that Humvee?

The Engineering Department uses an authentic Army M998A1 HMMWV or "Humvee" for field duties.  Vehicles like this are available to local municipalities by the Federal government free of charge.  Obviously, using this saves the Village significant cost  over purchasing a new vehicle.  It features full time 4 wheel drive and has a small turning radius, but is void of comforts such as air conditioning, insulation, or weather proofing.

What are those black tubes in the road?

The black tubes are connected to a box on the side of the road that collects traffic data.  This data is used to observe traffic patterns.

Do you have plans from when my house was built?

Probably not.  Only more recently built houses are on record.  This request should be directed to the Building Department.