Moist towelettes/baby wipes in sanitary sewer

Complications With Moist Towelettes/Baby Wipes in Village Sanitary Sewer

Recently the Village has experienced clogs at pump stations within the Village, along with pump complications at the waste water treatment facility due to moist towelettes/baby wipes. While moist towelettes/baby wipes may be flushable they are not breaking down as they progress through the sanitary sewer collection system as many products may lead you to believe. In effect, when enough moist towelettes/baby wipes are introduced into the sewer system and coalesce they cause pumps to fail and ultimately backups to occur. In an effort to prevent unnecessary expenses, further complications and to keep the sewer collection system flowing without obstruction, we ask that any resident using moist towelettes/baby wipes to please refrain from flushing them down their toilets.

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Moist towelettes/baby wipes clogged Dundee Ridge pump station on 9/11/2014